Improvement Update Released!

Hello everyone and welcome to the InfraSpace Improvement Update!

This update has been in the works for 2 months and we’re bringing you lots of bugfixes, performance improvements and even some new decoration buildings and small extra features!

Special surprise: We got a small Intro Cinematic!

Intro Cinematic

In InfraSpace, you start out as a ship stranded in space. If you start a new game, you will now get a small movie to introduce you to the situation. Our 2d artist Adriana has been working on it for a while, so I hope you like it!

New Features

  • “Pixel buildings” so you can highlight parts of your city
  • Color wheel for pixel buildings and trains so you can have them in any color you want
  • Lots of new decoration buildings for your enjoyment, like crashed ufo, ferris wheel, new parks, fences, parking lot, …

We added lots of new decoration buildings, this screenshot only shows a couple:

The new pixel buildings can be used to make any kind of shape ingame:

You can use the color wheel to customize pixel buildings, fences, and trains:


Performance Improvements

Improving the performance of the game has been one of the primary focuses of the Improvement Update. And I think we were quite successful: especially in large saves, your fps could increase by 50% or even 100%, depending on your city layout and city size.

  • Pathfinding Performance has been vastly improved, which is especially relevant for large saves
  • We removed one source of regular stutter (Visualization mode verification ran every 5 seconds)
  • No hanging when placing long roads, especially in large saves
  • Improved terraforming buildings performance


  • When you place roads they are now built in the shape you expect
  • Fixed terrain decals below roads not being rendered correctly
  • Fixed green grass not appearing in grasslands and forests after terraforming
  • Fixed a bug where you could connect different types of pipes
  • “Road missing” icon no longer appears when a pipe is connected to a building
  • You can now exit move and delete mode with escape
  • The targeting station now has an animation
  • Fixed the price calculation when placing gondolas. Now dependent on distance
  • Fixed height and length of roads not being shown anymore

Even very long and steep roads are now built in the shape you expect them to be:


That’s it for this update, let us know how you like it! We hope the Improvement Update improves your InfraSpace experience.
Stay tuned for more news next week!

Until then, happy playing!