I'm Bad At Subject Lines (feedback & suggestions)

Hello! Loving this game so far, which is rare for me these days, especially with an early-access game, so you’re already doing better than a lot of others out there. Bravo!

I’ll try to be concise, but have been known to ramble, so apologies in advance.

Firstly, the things I love:

-The music is great!
-I’ve never been a fan of building custom roads in games glares at Cities Skylines but it’s actually fun and fairly intuitive in InfraSpace.
-The Production Overview! That’s honestly probably my favorite thing. I LOVE Factorio, but kind of hated that you needed a calculator and notepad document (or the Factorio Cheat Sheet page open) to have anything close to optimization.
-The colony leveling is fun and gives you a reason to keep things flowing smoothly.
-The way the buildings animate when working is neat!
-The power options and especially upgrades are fun.
-This may sound silly, but just watching the traffic flow is oddly pleasing.

Things I don’t like / suggestions:

-The lack of a pipette tool to easily pick and place buildings
-I’d love to see some sort of ‘blueprint’ system sort of like Factorio has - or at least the ability to copy+paste an array of buildings.
-The delete tool deleting everything that is under your cursor rather than just the top layer (e.g. deleting a level 5 home that happens to be ‘under’ an elevated road)
-More power options. Oil / Gas power as an example.
-Lack of pollution - you can build homes right next to steel mills and people don’t care.
-The ability / option to snap buildings to rotational angles. Having to manually free rotate every building is…tedious.
-The ability to set either a ‘default’ traffic flow at various types of intersections, or copy+paste intersections. Having to manually stop telling cars to make cross-traffic turns on every single freeway onramp is tedious as well.
-I’d love to see more variety in the dwellings as they upgrade. I mean, this is probably more of a polish thing that will come closer to release, but still a suggestion.
-This ties in a bit with the lack of pollution, I think, but health. No doctors, clinics, hospitals, police, firefighters, etc.
-It would be nice to have the ability to click on the vehicles and see their path to help with optimizing (and in case you’re not sure exactly what kind of truck that is)
-Terraforming. Might tie in to the next point here, but it’d be nice to look at something that isn’t barren space-desert and barren space-cliff. It might make your colony more attractive if there’s grass growing and maybe even ‘bio-domes’ Sort of like the fertilizer - it provides oxygen in a radius so it doesn’t need to be imported, slowly changes the land to be dirt, and then grass / trees. Something like that.
-Probably my biggest complaint - the immigration rate. I’ve had a couple cities where the supply chain got bottlenecked due to a sudden burst of traffic associated with building new housing, which caused the population to drop. While it was salvageable, the immigration rate stayed abysmally low. Having options to increase Space Tourism or something (ad campaign, maybe special buildings to bring people in) would be nice for situations like that. Even before that happened, I had housing available for 1500 more people than I had, and was still only getting 1 person at a time moving in. It would be nice to have other options rather than “fast forward for half an hour while the population slowly tickles back in”

Overall, as I said, I’ve been loving the game, and look forward to seeing what is to come! I hope my feedback is helpful! Keep being awesome! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the nice words, a great bunch of the points are already on our list :slight_smile: