Idea for route control

Say you have a delivery of sand that is going to area A via road A which connects to road B which connects to area B. It would be beneficial to have a system where if a truck is going to area B then you can insist it travels on road B rather than going through road A.

Essentially districts control where resources can go, but I would also want to control how it gets there.

Use one-way roads, unless you have the round trip feature on.

One way roads may not always work since the system calculates the shortest/fastest route, which may be through another one way road. This is because a resource may be going to multiple locations, but for one specific location I want it to take one specific route and despite one way roads it still goes through the other locations, if that makes sense.

I use one way roads a lot and find they still get stuck with traffic. The only work around I’ve found is to put certain industries quite a distance away so deliveries don’t cause jams in busy areas.

Trains are almost the answer here, I’ve had success with building almost all of my industry away from the settlement and having everything connected via train lines. can back up a bit on the supply to factories but using a manifold type road layout for feeding any production type building keeps it flowing pretty well.
Mind you I play with round trip enabled, would be nice for them to be able to take the train back to their previous district…

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You could upgrade road B or make road A longer.

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