I really like this game

Yes, I really like this game. It’s a lot of fun even though it isn’t finished yet.
There are however a couple of things that bug me that I hope can get some attention in later updates.
Also I have a lot of ideas to improve the game and some wild ideas that you could just ignore, but I wanted to throw out there anyway.
Do with this what you will.

Things that bother me:

  • Make traffic enter buildings only from the closest lane.
  • Add an option to districts to deny factories outside the district to deliver to the district.
  • Make the small district brush much smaller.
  • If it’s colliding, don’t let me build it.
  • Trucks disappear when I changes road sections.

Suggestions to improve the game:

  • Roundabouts!
  • Road maintainance (put that surplus of concrete to good use).
  • Building maintainance.
  • Make train stations use energy.
  • Better warehousing. A lot has been said about this already.

Wild ideas for the future:

  • Fighting off local wildlife (leads to different resources, factories and buildings)
  • Less natural resources and non-renewable resources. The only thing consumed is time.
  • Upgradable buildings.
  • Different factories require different worker levels.
  • Oil/gas as a resource.
  • Explore the map for resources and research to be able to discover different types of resources.

Create an arrow from the district and point to within the same district to forbid exports.

Thanks for the other points!

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Hi Daniel, thanks for taking the time to reply.

I know the function you’re suggesting, but it’s not what I meant. I would like to prohibit delivery to a district, without having to create other districts and set their export rules to not deliver to that district.

To clarify: Let’s say I have a district with a complete Steel production line (Iron mine/Carbon processors/steel factories). I have set iron and carbon arrows to deliver internally like you described. However, iron mines and carbon processors outside of that district also deliver iron and carbon to the steel factories inside the district. I would like an option to prevent that from happening.

In short, I do not want to forbid exports, but imports.

You have to district everything. You you make a steel production district and drop arrow to itself, than it won’t export to anything than the district is in and other districts you might connect. So you have to kinda think backwards, and it can get a little bit tedious with a lot of districts, but that’s the way to ban imports. So Daniels answer is still correct.

I’m not saying it’s not possible, I’m just saying it could be a lot easier if you could just ban imports.

Nice Points!
The one with traffic entering buildings: Do you mean roads with more than 1 lane per direction? Because I like it that traffic can enter a building, even when it needs to cross the incoming traffic lane (in real life I do it sometimes myself, too). Still, it would be nice, if we could make traffic rules for buildings, like we make them for intersections.
Also I like it that “buildings” are buildable even when they collide - devs please keep it that way (at least as an option), because I find it much easier to place a building and correct it, instead of “trying again” placing it or even make a makeshift build to fine tune the placement overall (like energy lines or (different) roads).

I am also all for roundabouts, no disappearing trucks and a smaller(!) district brush! =)
Still, I would rather not have building or road maintenance. As a option, no problem, but not so much as a standard. Rather I would want to see storms, fires, meteors, … which need to be dealt with and which force us to reallocate resources (so a kind of maintenance through the backdoor in form of repairs, fire fighters, “shields”, point-defence guns, …).

Nevertheless, great ideas and an awesome game - I am looking forward to see more of it =D

Yes. Look, they use all three lanes to enter the building.

Now I simply build a 1-lane road parallel to the main road and have trafic enter that way, but it uses up more space.

I always put the whole map in a district at the start, jk

Well, I’m beginning to suspect that setting up districts based on production lines is the way to go. So all the buildings needed for red science (that’s a lot of buildings) are put into one big district and prevent export for each resource.
If you do that for other production lines as well, it’s gonna work. But it is an all or nothing aproach which wont be to everyones taste.

Ok, I have something new and I don’t wanna make a new topic for everything and I suspect by now the devs have a shortcut to this topic on their desktop anyway (/s), so here goes:

On the production overview screen you can change priority to reduce the number of workers on certain productions. Just slide the slider to any value less than 100%. However, there is no way to increase the number of workers if there are less workers available. For instance:

I would like to increase the number of workers in the VR Edutainment factories, but I can’t. At least, not without decreasing the number of workers in other factories. I only need 8 of em, just so my housing doesn’t level down.

So, an easy way to fix that would be nice.

I think that a simple priority toggle, like a togglable star icon next to a resource would be sufficient in most cases.