I need some things

being playing a lot and developing the village almost to the maximum I have lacked some things, as they are a door for the walls, they have had to leave an open path, the stone has also begun to be scarce, no mines could be added for in certain areas extract stone or iron from the subsoil, well here, my regards from Cuba

another thing that I remember now, because the colonists cannot have more than one store for clothes and put on the attire of the function they are performing at that time, example I have one who is a doctor and farmer but is always dressed as a doctor and also that the well can be used on both sides

I don’t get the point of this thread sorry can you explain to me ? :o

It’s part suggestions, part potential bug report:

  • No doors. Currently the “doors” are actually “door holes”.
  • The resources (Stone, iron etc) are limited on your island, and random. You can get more from the trader.
    Underground mines (subsoil) are not a bad suggestion, and something like that might be considered in the distant future.
  • You will need to change them manually. Remove the doctor clothes from their clothes stand, and change it to farmer clothes, and tell him to wear the farmer clothes.
    I do really like your suggestion. Having more than one clothes stand so they can change clothes when we change their assigned job would be a very nice feature, same as they change into armour when we turn on combat mode.
  • I think the well being used from both sides has been suggested before, and is/has been worked on for an upcoming update. I might be wrong on that point though.

Does that clear things up @JordanPANDA?

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YES ! absolutly and thanks for the answer too :slight_smile:

I have to clarify one thing for clothes stand you don’t need all those manual thing you just change the clothes on his clothe stand and he will change auto.

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@JordanPANDA If that is a solution, but you have to be aware of all the prophecies they have and not to sell the merchant something you need later, it would be better to have it assigned already in the clothing store and when you change your profession do not have to go to to search to change it manually, and with respect to the doors, I was referring more precisely to the fact that when you settle the settlement in the construction part there is no door for the walls and you should have a way to completely close the entire military structure.