I cant exit the game

During the game if i press “esc” up comes the menu as expected. I then click on “Main Menu” and its just a toggle switch the lights up and clicks… and does nothing… clicked it a million times. I have to hit the windows key and close the program via the taskbar.

Should there not be a confirmation box that pops up asking if i really wanna quit?

Screenshot 2024-01-10 173520|690x338

The Main Menu button works for me. No confirmation box, it will bring you to the main menu right away.

You can always press ALT + F4 to end the game and get back to the desktop.

I’ll post a clip next time I play it. I mean I know I’m not crazy. It should work… Just didn’t… 3 separate times, with a window key then right click on the taskbar to close the game each time… And I did not change any settings… They were all good to go.

You are not crazy, this bug has been reported several times. An exception happens when you press the button (I posted a screenshot of the log file in Discord afaik). Not everyone gets the problem every time. I think it only happens when there would be a pop up to display, e.g. because you haven’t saved in a while.

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