I bought $50 Package how to install it

I bought the $50 Package zip, how to install it under steam. because chrome say the installer is evil :frowning:

Hi @LadyDarkSorrow, and welcome!

The instructions provided by Oachkatzlschwoaf in Discord are “Download and double click” so I guess you’ll need to convince Chrome that the file is ok, and that you’ve downloaded from a trusted source.


Welcome @LadyDarkSorrow and thanks for the support!

Basically, Chrome is not sure where the installer comes from, that’s why it complains. There is nothing unsafe about the installer, so you should be able to tell Chrome it’s fine.

If you’re still worried, I can send you the packge file itself. The installer just copies the “GoldSupporterPackage.ffmod” file into your mods folder :slight_smile:

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@Xaviien @Daniel , thanks guys. trust is not the problems, Chrome wouldn’t let me download it, only discard button showed and didn’t know how to stop that… after some research on Chrome, I got it!! :slight_smile:
all good now and again thanks! love the game!


Awesome! Glad it worked out :smiley:

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