How to collect resources over long distance?

Hi, I’m having difficulty in collecting resources over a long distance. I have several aluminium mines some distance from my main city. I have build various types of roads, at various heights, for my trucks to collect them, but the trucks are not doing so. I have build a fully working rail system, with a active train, near to the mines, but again no trucks. There are no closer aluminium mines I can use, and I can not progress untill I obtain the metal. But if I build a habitat next to the mines, various trucks will come from the train station and provide it with food, water and oxygen. Can anybody shed some light on this for please?

Click on the Mine, then click on the small arrow next to the ressource. (see picture)

This gives you an overview where the mine can export the ressources.
If the target building is green or yellow, the mine should export its goods, unless you have a wrong settings with the Districts.
If the target building is red, it is unreachable, and you have a problem with your roads. (the trucks can not find a path)


I followed your advice, and then I realised that I had no factories that required aluminium to produce a any specific product. Then when I build a computer factory, which requires electronics, microchips and aluminium. The trucks then proceeded to collect aluminium by road, and then take the train to deliver the goods to my new computer factory. That’s a really usefull piece of information!

Thank you Chieri

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