How many habitants do you have

I was wondering how many habitants other players have

I have 12000

ive personally broken the map with over 50k+

Oh wow thats crazy how do you have enought recources

was easy before patch broke most of it,

Minus all the bugs and glitches with the pipe update, i manage to finally pull it off. Mega city almost 45k pop 1 4 lane train out, 4 singles into the city 25 trains between the two (dont forget to account the further point needs more reseources, thus some of the building you see).


Rest you’ll have to figure out, but end results.

Little hint, keep an eye on your factorys output, production overview wont help at all. Also, didnt use districts or traffic lights. Pipes help reduce traffic enough not to matter.

For the fun of it, this is my factory out look, lol.

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Oh my thats crazy , are you Posting this on YT because i would subscribe immediately

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