How do you Research?

So I just placed the research lab and science pack 1, and the tutorial says to research electronics…but how? Is it automatic? I click on the lab and the popup box just says “research lab” or something similar, no project information like with the mines and concrete factory. I’ve clicked on all the buttons available but they’re only for buildings. How long does it take if it is automatic so I know how long to let the game run since there’s no fast forward option yet?

Hey there.

I suggest you the same I am doing in my first play through. Build every build you can and then you will see what it needs and what it gives. After a while the game gets complicated and there is not much help. So build EVERYTHING you can and click on it to see what it does and what it needs.

If you want to research something go up on your screen. There is the “City Level X” and right next to it a small blue something. That is the Research tab and there you will find all available research. Click on the first one. :slight_smile:

Yeah, i’d already built everything currently available, just couldn’t find how to actually research something. thanks :slight_smile: