How do I play this game?

Where do I go to learn to play this game? I can’t figure out how to move the people. I have made 4 sleeping bags but can’t figure out how to assign them to someone. The movement of the game is very jerky and delayed. So far I’m frustrated. Where do I go to figure this out?


Hi Curiousgirl

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Any problems can usually be answered here.

Starting the first game for me was hard - took a while to get my head around the mechanics and what to do.

Moving people > select who you want on the left side by left clicking on the name icon to bring up their profile

then > right click on the map or object you want to interact with - i.e. the bed - which will give you a pop up which gives you options on what to do (click on that).

When putting a bed on the floor, just make sure that it has been built on first.

Select the person you want to use the bed, then right click on the bed to take ownership of it.

Should have added that there are ingame links to Discord if you just need some quick answers or

Steam has some game guides, but none of them are current with the game development - but the quick start quides are handy for getting the basics on technique.

More long winded answers are best done here on the Forum.

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As far as the game being jerky - that could be due to low graphics on your computer. If you can give us some idea of what hardware you are running that will help, but first go into the game settings.

Push the ‘Esc’ key (sometimes twice) to bring up the game settings if you are playing a game
or just start the game from the desktop and go into settings

In the Settings window click on “Graphics Quality” and set the game to “low” - then Apply the setting at the bottom > close down the game and restart.

See if this helps improve the game quality.


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Thank you so much. I downloaded to my laptop with much better graphics and movement,. But still haven’t found a way to rotate the screen from my laptop which makes the game play difficult,. And I would much rather play on my big screen desktop. I will try changing the graphics settings and see if that works. I don’t have this problem with other games. Thanks again for your help!!

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No worries :smiley:

Yes there is a bit of a problem on laptops with rotating - plugging in a mouse might help?
or a wireless one

If you hooked that up, it would allow you to use the rotation button.

Feel free to post any problems as there is a lot to getting right when starting and playing the game :sweat_smile:

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OK,…you are all going to think I’m crazy,…but humor me. I looked up my system info. I have a NVIDIA graphics card control panel, but the system says I’m using ATI Radeon HD 5400 series card. I have the box for the NVIDIA GForce card that was originally installed. Windows 10 64 bit. What is going on? Why can’t I find the NVIDIA graphics driver and settings? Will the ATI Radeon HD 5400 series not run this game? I’m lost, and I really want to play this game.

Well this is a first for me :slight_smile:

Perhaps bought 2nd hand? or somehow the card and box were mixed up ?

The ATI Radeon 5400 series was released nearly 10 years ago - not too sure when yours was made ?

The nVidia control panel could be a legacy program left behind when the ATI was installed. The easiest way is to check on your hardware monitor:

  • right click on the “Start” button >

  • click on “Device Manager” >

  • In the manager click on “Display adaptors”

This will show you what video graphics are running on your machine.

(While in the Device Manager you can right click on your graphics card and check that you have up to date drivers)

Once you know exactly what is running on your machine you can decide whether to delete or install any software.

If you have an ATI card, remove the nVidia software.

The ATI 5400 is a fairly low spec card and would be at the minimum limit of usability:
cpu 650 MHz
memory 1GB DDR2 or 3 @800 MHz

As my previous post suggested - running at “low” on the “Graphics Quality” is the first option.

The other is to reduce the game resolution to a lower specification.

Your game probably runs @1920 x 1080

Try running it @1366 x 768 or somewhere inbetween. You do lose the size of the game window, but it will improve overall game play.


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