House with 3 big rooms?!

So my colony is pretty advanced and they all have massive houses.
Then they suddenly want a house with 3 big rooms so I figured that dividing up the house would fulfil that wish.
It does, however they then start asking for all the things that are already there, just in maybe in another room.
As we cannot move things that are already their own and resources at this stage being so relatively rare, surely this can’t be right. Even weirder is that in dividing the house into 3 rooms, if they then want everything that is in the entire large house that means effectively the now tiny room is stuffed full of duplicate furniture.
The only other solution is to build them an entirely new house. Whilst this would solve the problem there simply aren’t enough resources available to do that.

So effectively I’m stuck and so regrettably I’ll have to leave the game there until some future update when things are a little more balanced (and that damn annoying snow is mitigated :stuck_out_tongue: ).

I’ll hope to come back soon and truly hope this grows :smiley:

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Yeah, we need to improve that system, totally agree!

For now: What resources are you having problems with? Iron?
You can move the old furniture in their bedroom still. It won’t fulfill any wishes, but it should prevent them asking for duplicates in the future.

Thanks for the nice words! We’re doing our best :slight_smile:

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I think iron is the obvious one, although maybe only slightly.
I can’t do the necessary calculation to discover, but effectively you have to have enough iron on the map to provide at least one of whatever it is that takes iron, for each of the maximum allowable colonists I believe, plus enough to cover a given amount of decorative additions.
So for example, I now have 10 colonists and given that they will want the 3 large room scenario I don’t think I have enough iron to be able to fulfil their wishes as well as provide any more additional housing when another migrant arrives.

I guess I could have avoided that by not using iron in e.g. dwarf flooring or the best windows etc. but it would take at least this far into a game to discover that; it’s a bit like saying ‘here’s some really cool stuff to build’ but not being able to build it due to the limitations plus the intended gameplay mechanics :slight_smile:

I’ll definitely keep an eye out for updates…it’s almost summer…and you know what disappears in the summer…Snow! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s very clear that iron is problematic. But after the next updates, there are many reasons why this is not going to be an issue anymore :wink:

What does snow disappearing have to do with updates? Do you like to go skiing and now you need a game to keep you busy? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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No I can’t go skiing as my knees are now broken from all the kneeling and praying for the
snow to clear so I can see the cursor again :stuck_out_tongue:

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Popping in to deposit my two cents before someone spend a fortune…

Unless you want to build everything with the most exclusive, more than twice. There is enough iron. This can be argued depending on size of colony you want, but not really as then the exclusivity would only rise.

There is not enough iron to compensate for constant rebuilding of luxury homes, and there shouldn’t be or iron wouldn’t be any more valuable than stone.

You can re-use furniture. If you however, did the mistake of fulfilling wishes for a colonist that you have removed furniture from, he will ask for new.

This is a newbie mistake. Patch up and use your experience for the better.

There is tuning needed in the systems that this all affect, but it is totally playable and could be left like it is.

Take note that not all your colonists will want a large house. And that you can start mining iron from the beginning and learn how precious it is even before getting your 3rd colonist. As precious as the only iron you ever really need in the game is that to build the bakery and some more > you don’t need more than 100 iron. There is like 1200 iron on the island.

It will also be up to devs on what their concept of the game is. For it to be a challenging colony simulator. Or a farming simulator. I’m pretty sure it’s obvious what the game is and it shouldn’t be pushed in a different direction.


Really? Quite the wrong thing to say. This is a discussion and not school :slight_smile:
Anyway I believe you missed the core of my point, which I won’t reiterate.