Home Appliance and Survival Food Limiting Growth

Started a new city and it seems that no matter how many Survival Food (71 produced/45 consumed) or Home Appliances (63/32) I have 3-4 factories full and most of my habitats in a state of constant downgrade/upgrade between Nice and Residential.

Tried upping production some more. I got Residential stable but will not go past that.

Maybe the distance from the producers to the consumers is just too long? This looks like the trucks have to cover really big distances. Depending on road and rail type, it may simply take too long for stuff to be delivered.

This is almost always a transportation issue. Make sure there is minimal pause/distance between the factory to the city. Also make sure that you’re inner city traffic isn’t horrible since it only gets worse if you don’t address it early on.

I suggest you turn your trains sideways since the huge loop is actually longer than a straight path, then putting your train on the opposite side of the stadium to minimize travel time since the LONG runway is definitely why they’re not getting the resources they need

Thanks. Ill try and move things closer and see what happens.

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