Holo-Displays useless?

First of all I want to say that I really enjoy Infraspace. As a big fan of Factorio I felt at home the second I started playing. I am currently at City Level 5 having unlocked VR-Edutainment. However I do not understand how those VR-Edutainment glasses do not require holo displays. In fact there is NO product that requires holo displays. So, what’s the point of making them?
Also there seems to be an ungodly amount of neural processors required for just about everything. Especially for the yellow research packs the ratio seems to be totally unreasonable (6.7 neural processor factories for one yellow science factory). Now these VR-Edutainment glasses require those processors AGAIN - instead of holo displays… OK… So I have to fill the few remaining areas of the map with more factories…

Thanks for the nice words!
Yup, the holo-displays are an oversight. Will be part of VR goggles.