Hi, just some feedback, bugs and tips

Here some bugs first.

  • I created a highway that was above the ground and on pillars, the actual road wasn’t visable anymore, the truck still drive on it.
  • Same as above but now under the surface, the highway is coverd in sand but still works.
  • I built a Soil Enrichment Facility, the range was visible, but the buildings inside it were still red, idk if it still worked, after saving - leaving and reopening it worked again.

Here some small ideas that have been talked about earlier:

  • I would like to see some kind of grid or specific sizes of buildings.
  • Could you show the cargo that is in a train station? Now I see trucks going in and out train stations but I don’t know how many are still going to leave.

Here some ideas for further updates:

  • With the heatsystem, you could make like a hot - vulcanic alike area and a cold - snow alike area an the map, you need to make pipes to get the heat and the cold to your building. Even specific production building could need heat or cold.
  • With the snow area you could also get some kind of filter that creates water from the snow.
  • With the Adamantite you could unlock a new tech tree maybe?

I love this game and i am glad i found it, you are doing a great job.
I am very curious about a new update and whats in it.

And here is the link for the InfraSpace wiki fandom:

I hpe we can make this game grater then ever!

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