Hey, Dionics folks ... is anyone there?


Is this forum being monitored by any Developers or other helpful folks?

Hope so!


Yes, but Discord is more active I’d say. I’m not a dev by the way.
Anyway, if you have a question I suggest you just ask, or if you’ve got something to say then just post it :wink:

I did post about a bug here, but hearing crickets, I went back to others’ postings and didn’t see any evidence of Dev involvement, so I decided to post this question … to which you’ve kindly responded. I’ll check out Discord.

Thank you so much!

It can help to @ mention them, both in the forum and Discord. I recommend using this feature sparingly though.

Thank you kindly. : )

Hey @OGBob, is this about the Mac version having a problem with the Adamantine drill?

If so, it’s on our list and will be fixed :+1:

@Daniel, you’re my hero! Thanks for the great news. : )

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