Help! The child will works away

Hello Leuts, now I’m at eight Seppls and the Mehrgenerationenhaus runs quite well.
Now I read with the wishes: “owns own house”!?!
Does that mean the child wants to move out and have their own house?
I hope so, because then the whole thing slowly gets a Dorfcharkter.
Will you continue to use the community facilities such as food, learning and so on?
As I said: HELP !!!:grinning:
Google translated…

Now I have found the answer myself. The community facilities such as toilets, shower rooms and PcPlätze continue to be used.
You can also put Seppls in their own houses, which do not have this desire yet.
So it looks like now, I do not like it anymore …

It’s funny to read google translate output :wink:

I just answered your post in the german section.