Having to use water for growing food and nuclear power

Think that now water has been added, maybe having us have to lay pipes and water our plants. Having to water food based buildings including the survival food and the farms for meals would also be nice. I understand people may not like adding another requirement to buildings/factories and such, but to me it just makes sense to do this. I feel water isn’t fully utilized as much as it should. I feel with all other resources, water isn’t an, "oh no I need more x for all these buildings. To add to this, because I think making another post for this separately would just be a waste of extra time, I feel nuclear power plants should also require water like their real world counterparts.

TLDR; Make us have to water plants, farms, and supply water to nuclear power plants.

If anyone has other thoughts of any kind, please feel free to comment!


Completely agree. I’m very new to the game and was super surprised to find water was not related at all to food growing. Haven’t made it to nuclear power yet but it makes sense there too.

I was wondering that in a very early stage - how to make concrete without water?
I made a mod for me to test this, its somehow hard to start the city then, but it works.