Habitats not accepting various goods

I found an interesting bug interaction when trying to satisfy the habitats requirements.

Bug: Some habitats won’t accept certain resources, in the example good meals. However, when I move the habitat while the distribution centers overlay is active I can observe the habitat will change from yellow to green, now accepting resources. I can then move the habitat to the original position and it remains greens, UNTIL: The habitat upgrades OR I adjust the distributions radius slider, the habitat returns to yellow, refusing resources. The habitats refusal of accepting resources appears to be related to map placement, and can be “fixed” by periodically moving the habitats back and forth after they upgrade.

I hope this helps, this bug drove me crazy for a day and a half, lost a bit of sleep, why am I a like this I have no idea. Cheers.

ps. after posting I can only add 1 image, the second image showed the bottom left 4 habitats turned green by moving them to the east side of the city and moving them back to their starting postions in pic 1.

Easy fix: don’t have multiple distribution centers of the same good overlap their effective areas. It’s just a recipe for headache, and has been better described in more detail by other posters.

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