Habitat Upgrades

I have a general question around how the habitats consume the required “goods” in order to level up.
If you don’t necessarily want to have all habitats at stage 6 and want to keep some of them at the various stages, would there be a way to mitigate them using the resources required to move to the next stage? Just so these resources aren’t basically wasted on them?


Quite like the idea of having a city or town that isn’t all just the same size and shape


But they can only be drawn so fine of course and setting the individual delivery options for hundreds of habitat districts is also going to be cumbersome. For larger areas, train connections may also be an option and the park, stadium and school also provide ways to block areas of their upgrade. But in this case they will still waste some resource.

My favorite solution are trains. Each clump of habitats is only accessible through a single train station and I control which goods I deliver to that station. „Clump“ here usually being 100-400 habitats.

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