Gripes after playing my 1st game

In general, InfraSpace is very robust for an early access game. In the late game, could tell it was struggling a bit, but was after 5000 colonists were employed.

Originally planned to hold off purchasing till after next the major update in less than a week, but glad that I didn’t. Logged over 57 hours in my first game (calling it quits after mining 200 Adamantine & eliminating my underemployment problem), and expect it will be one my Top 10 games (by hours played) before the honeymoon period is over. Looking forward to starting my 2nd game, but with Medium transport difficulty.


  1. Lack of information, especially in the research tree. (An early access issue?) Would be see before researching something, what materials it requires & what factories use its output. Setting up trains were another adventure … would I have figured them out with the helpful videos posted on the Internet?
  2. Having to way over produce to meet demand, despite no real traffic snarls. Is this a bug with the Easy level for Transport Difficulty?
  3. Road connections aren’t always clean. Would be nice to get an error or warning when a new connection appears as a tab on the existing one, vs. a clean intersection.

Nice that the developers included a link to this forum WITHIN the game, and there is such a large user helpful user base. Looking forward to future updates, and a hundred hours out of this game. :smiley:

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I think the need for over production is a result of lag between demand and fulfillment (delivery) due to transportation time. I intend to test this in my next game by placing all end product factories next to my city; the theory being that in-factory storage will act as a supply buffer and shorter supply routes (from factory to consumer) will require less production.

I concur with the lack of information. The deployment of industrial robots came as a nasty surprise that nearly broke my city. I thought they would deploy as a global resource, not by road. When I connected the robot factories to other factory areas, not only did the robots deploy, but all the other resources went as well and gridlocked my city.

I have two main gripes:

  1. The roads terraform the ground, but buildings do not, which results in buildings that cannot snap or connect to roads. This also becomes a serious problem when residential buildings evolve from Tier 4 to Tier 5 because they start colliding! Is it possible for the buildings to also terraform?
  2. The road angle tooltip (between existing road and new road) disappears when intersecting the new road with a second existing road making it very hard to build clean grids. Ideally the first tool tip would stay AND a second one would indicate the connection angle with the second road.

If I may add a small gripe: I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidently built a 4-lane road when in fact I wanted a 2-lane road. The cause, besides my own stupidity perhaps, is that as I move my cursor accross the road selection screen to the desired road type, all the different road type icons enlarge one after the other as I mouse over them. But this causes the enlarged icon to almost overlap with the icon next to it. So when I try to select the 2-lane road, a lot of the times the 4-lane road icon is still enlarged so that I actually click that one instead, while my cursor is actually already hovering over the 2-lane road type.

Unfortunately, the screenshot tool hides the cursor, so I can’s show what I mean.

It’s a small gripe.

Please Please Please add key bindings for the modify and delete buttons. It makes the game frustrating not to have a quick way to get to the buttons used the most.