Goblin Demands

Just a bit of a winge (dummy spit) :stuck_out_tongue:

OK, I’m in year 12 now and have been trying to get along with a 2nd village and keep them positive, but then they demand a large amount. Should I have kowtowed to them?..

And then you lose a lot of points for saying no. It seems like a heavy slug and may eventually lead to conflict.

I just feel that after 12 game years, that not attacking other villages should have some added weight. Or is the whole purpose of the game to kill all none friendly villages? It seems to be going that way for me :frowning:

Must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed :smiley:

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I should have added the ‚ÄėLarge Colony‚Äô and ‚ÄėWealthy Colony‚Äô is also a permanent negative that doesn‚Äôt seem to ever be reduced. Or am I missing something here?

Its just that I’m nearing the game end (2 or 3 game years) and wanted to end on a high, but may end on a low…

16.872 coins?! These Hungry Warriors are ‚Äúa little‚ÄĚ too hungry! Do they think you have gold donkey? Tribute demand denied! What do these scoundrels allow themselves to demand so much from their friends?
My suggestion would be that tribute demands become lower or higher depending on the relationship.

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:grin: nice comments @thomasjohn.

Feeling better now, had obligatory 2 big cuppa’s plus toast and the world is a better place. Change of season here in Oz and had a very warm night and didn’t sleep well…

Yes, I will have to work on my early game next time and try to get a better start with the goblins.

Enough complaining, time to finish off my current game to some sort of satisfactory ending and move on :slight_smile:

I am extremely pleased that here in Germany with currently 8 ¬į C finally has pleasant temperatures after the badly overheated summer. :smiley:
Keep cool :wink: .

Thanks for the info @roo. I wonder how much coins you had that they thought you could spare so much :smiley:

Anyways, I agree that the endgame balance of tributes isn’t good. I put it on my list to reduce the max tribute size, especially with friends.

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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the heads up on the balance of tributes :slight_smile:

This is my first game that I have nearly finished, so am pretty happy about that :relieved:

I have started to set up a few basic game rules:
accept ALL foundies (immigrants) including the first 2 automatically (no swapping allowed)
achieve certain stats in a certain time frame
no in-game cheats or game engine cheats

Yes my stats are fairly high across the board, I had a 10 year game goal, but have moved it out to 15 years.

@10 years - over 10,000 in coins and 5,000 in fresh food
@15 years - over 25,000 in coins and 10,000 in fresh food

but have started my 13th year yesterday and already surpassed those figures, so am just doing some cosmetic things while still working on my goblin problems…

So should post my final game within the week - or so :stuck_out_tongue:

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what do you mean every time they ask me for something its always the max of what i have, when i have 5 scrolls they ask for 5 when i have 1000 coins they ask for about that as well if i remember right … im playing too many games right now so … whatever i go to war over scrolls every time i tell you that :stuck_out_tongue:

@Raistorm The current formula is
round up (your resources * random factor between 0.1 and 0.5) = demanded resources

In Alpha 10, this will be adjusted to a factor between 0.1 and 0.4 and tributes with a total value above 800 will no longer scale as fast with colony wealth to get more reasonable values in the endgame.