Global paralysis

I just unlocked the T4 research “les robots industiels” (“Industrial robots” I guess, I don’t know the exact name in English because when I wanted to switch the game in Shakespear’s language, the whole interface and the menus remained in French), there all the trucks stopped.
I thought I had paused the game, but no, there is always the animation of the buildings, my citizens are waiting for their consumer products and my research has stalled.
Do I have to send you my save file?
P.S. : While I was navigating between the forum, google translate and the game to explain this experience as well as possible, I left the “game active in the background” mode and my colony had time to downgrade. :stuck_out_tongue:

I left the game and came back to it shortly after on a save I made at the time of the paralysis, all the trucks started moving again (creating some congestion, due to the various shortages of my population and industries).
This is a session that I started today a little before noon and that I saved shortly before my post (about 8 hours of consecutive play).

Hi @Tyramitsu :slight_smile:

Can you send the original ‘Save’ to Daniel as it will have the bug in it?

Sometimes after long game play there may be a need to save and restart the game - it often clears any problems.

There is a pinned post listed at the top of the Bug Reports with information about sending ‘Saves’.

Definitely looks like a bug, so please send a Save to Daniel with a link to this post (the link info is next to the heart at the bottom of each post).

PS: The “Industrial robots” is good :+1:

Thank you,
roo :slight_smile:

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It’s done, thanks for the tip.

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