Giving Goblins Presents - Game Variations

Noticed that early in a games 1st year, you check the “present” requirements of your xenophobic tribe and the requirements options are usually small - 3 or 4 items.

Yet when you go to give them a present in the 2nd year, the requirements are completely different and larger.

Saw this a long time ago and blamed memory or just ignored it - but it is starting to bug me :laughing:

This seems to happen in all Goblin villages in all games.

The main problem is that I usually finally get what that xenophobic tribe needs to placate them and find the “presents” have changed to a completely different group of goods :confounded:

When goblins know you’re rich, they want to ask for a little more :slight_smile:

Yes, makes sense - but a 2nd year village is hardly rich and yet that new list will now stay the same for the rest of the game.

Any why has the list completely changed?

The new items are not the problem, but that the original items are no longer wanted. As I usually start to prepare to aggregate some of the items on the original list, but by the time I have enough, the items are no longer on the list…

It seems incongruous to the original message :slight_smile:

They take my stuff, I take their lives.