Ghost from the Past?

One of my people needed to bury the hatchet I guess with some friend who died. It was a quest that only could take place at night. She had to sacrifice certain items for this person. I did so. They talked…a lot. Reconciled. And it says the ghost was going to come down and join the village.

But no one came. There is no new villager. The talking was completed during the day.

Hm, what happened to the ghost you see walking around? Did it disappear?

Yep. It disappeared.

I see, thanks for the report.

I’m wondering if it might be because not all my people were satisfied.

Hm, shouldn’t be the case. I’m wondering if this issue is common, because I haven’t heard from it before. I put it on the list, but it’s low priority unless I hear from other players about it as well.