Game suggestions:

I’m sure everyone wants more - larger maps maybe some rivers and lakes?
– which makes room for the largest issue – more resources ie Iron!
– overhaul of the colonist wishes and demands and better character selections…

  • Irrigation for farms?

  • Second floor to builds? - makes room for Castle’s … Tower’s…

  • Multi-player is and has been a good suggestion…

  • Town bell for raids?

  • Dungeons!

  • More Jobs!

  • BUILD DECOR: Archery Depo? Training Dummy? Targets,

  • JOB: Fletcher? Bows & Arrows…

  • JOB: Herder - Animal Farms for food - goats for milk & cheese? Sheep for wool?

  • JOB: Trapper? Squirrels, Fox, Wild Goats? Turkeys? Boars?

  • ✓ JOB: Cook? [Got it!] :grinning:

  • ✓ JOB: Tailor? [Got it!] :grin:

  • JOB: Fisherman? - I love to fish with my coffee in the morning LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

  • NEW Builder’s Items for docks and harbors - fishing nets, poles, new home decor…

  • Immigrants would dock the boat where the signal fire is placed- if near an inlet

  • RIGHT-CLICK on Signal Fire to Summon Colonist - maybe a rally point for raids?

*Just some suggestions - cause I love this game!

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What would you change?

How would this be different from the current soldier job that already doesn’t have a whole lot to do in the early/mid game? Being able to set up a patrol with waypoints could be nice.

I like this! A rancher and animals would be good.

You can already do this in a way. Have a Crafter and only let them do tailoring.

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  • Overhaul of the colonist wishes and demands and better character selections
  • Female Characters would be grand :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be nice when randomizing the skills to have better chances to obtain more skill options that have two-skills per person; its there - its just really hard to get some combinations like Doctor/Scholar; or Forester/Miner - like I said they are there - but the odds are are and in-between :P; yesterday I started a game and looked for the best two colonist and I spent over 45 minutes before I found Farmer/Scholar LOL - but its there!!

And, I solved my “Cook:Job” thanks for that! He’s going to open a restaurant :stuck_out_tongue: and order veggies and fruit from my Farmer!

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How about these ones? :wink:

That’s exactly what we had in mind. Tailors don’t have a whole lot to do for now, but we hope we can change that in future.

Perfectionism takes time :wink:

Haha, that’s great :smiley:

How about when a colonist can upgrade a skill for their profession, a little notification pops up by their name. I just have 5 colonists that do specific jobs, forget about with other colonist jobs, then they are eligible for upgrade. And miss out on potential perks. By the way great game. Already in its current state, I highly enjoy.


Hi @Tyggr181 and welcome to the forum!

You’re right of course, there are some Quality-of-Life improvements to be made here :smiley:

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