Game still running

There is this rare bug where if I want to restart the game it doesn’t let me, because it’s already running. Except it isn’t. This might be Steam related as it is Steam giving me the error message and I can’t see the game running in Task Manager.
Error app running

I can resolve it by closing steam, which then asks me if I want to close Infraspace first.
Error app running 2

So far it happened twice. Once after I closed the game by clicking the red X in the upper right corner and once after I closed the game normally.

Did you sort this? I think i have the same issue!

Not that I know of, but it hasn’t happened again since my post, so maybe a random Steam update fixed it.

It’s happening to me now. I get the error message, so go to Steam and it shows it’s still running. I stop it in steam, but it just says ‘stopping’ and doesn’t. I have to restart my PC to reload the game.