Game Keeps Crashing (9.1.199)

Does anyone else’s game keep crashing after the update?
Connecting roads or placing a building and suddenly everything freezes and the game crashes.

I just had it crash as well on a city with ~1000 population. The game stuttered for a bit while I was adjusting traffic signals. I zoomed out and then it crashed.

Hi, sorry for the issue. Are you talking about the game freezing first, or quitting to desktop without freeze.

The game more-or-less froze, with long delays between events and responses: I hit the screenshot hotkey (within game) and it took a screenshot after 10-15 seconds. I could move the mouse cursor, again with slow responses (which differs from game-freezes in the past). The game crashed my desktop somewhat suddenly. I seem to recall being able to tab-out and do other things without problems.

yeah, just had 2 crashes today, the crash test dummy, already sent files, had 5 hours of straight play yesterday and today well, time do some drivers and stuff, maybe inf.

Game froze but the music was still going and I could move the mouse , but as soon as i clicked some where ,screen turns white with the Microsoft “Not Responding” Error and I have to close the game :sweat:
Unfortunately I lost some of my progress but it’s fine now( 11.77k Population, Game at 17 Fps lol )

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