Friendly Fire and other impressions

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum and thought I give our two devs a feedback to show my support.

-I found the game on YouTube, Nookriums Channel (for your marketing :grimacing:)

-I had no issues installing and it’s running smoothly

-Its pretty fun and time flys with it. I just got my sixt colonist

A Room stopped being able to be entered, after I placed blueprints for the Fireplace and a small Komode. Got to delete the whole room, delete all furniture and rebuild it on another spot.

My Colonist decided to ignore the attack command, as soon as I promoted the first guard and simply walked away until he nearly died, just to return and avenged him

Nearly lost my last encounter because my guard was shooting at his allies, because they were fighting in line of sight.
Maybe we can get rid of friendly fire or the possibility to switch it off? :grimacing:

Few words on the bugs reported;

There is a bug with doors to house being “deactivated” or just not recognized, whatever it is… move (lift up) the door before putting it back in position to fix the problem.

Your colonists live their lives automatically and will not always listen to your commands if they have other things on their mind, like food and sleep. This is not a bug, but a problem with the current design.

I’m hoping it will be addressed. @Daniel should have gotten enough complaints on colonists not listening now. I said it quite simple: A manual command should never be overridden by a automatic command.
If colonists die of starvation that is 100% the players fault. There is a warning system in already…

Friendly fire is on to teach you to micromanage your colonists. Because when everything is automatic you don’t learn. So then what is correct? Handheld the player or challenge the player? As there are dual standards roaming…

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Thanks for the feedback, I am fine with automatic override, when they are angry and want to smash something. But all of them were happy and no one cared for the attack order. I even think they returned because of the automatic override. Like they ignored my order just to automatically do my order 15sec later

Correct would maybe be: let the player choose with a checkbox in the options.

Never had any big issues with attack orders myself so far. Sometimes they want to eat or sleep, but then I pause the game and order them to attack again.
Sometimes they tend to walk around something to get to their enemies, this is because there are too many colons around his selected target, simply changing their intented target works for that. This mostly happens when I’m fighting near my buildings.

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@Malhalla @Leran @Weerwolfboy
There are good arguments to be made for automatic and manual control. Malhalla is correct, there have been enough complaints that we’re probably going to make it a priority for the next major update.

Currently I’m thinking we will focus one or both of these things:

  • Clearly explain to the player why the colonists are acting like that. If the player understands the system, they will have less wtf moments
  • Give options for configuration, to make the AI more or less automatic and deal with the consequences of your choice

There are a couple of situations that have a clear solution and I’ll fix the ones I know of. Others might be still difficult even after the changes, but we’ll see after the next major update :slight_smile:

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