Friday Dev News #97

Hello everyone,

work on finishing the environment update is progressing. This week, I have 3 major pieces of news:

First, Ben finished implementing the save / load system for the new map in a way that is also compatible with the new laser that you can use to remove those objects. Next week we’ll merge a bunch of this code together so it’s all in the main code branch.

Sepehr has done the first steps for the cargo gondolas. If you don’t know: Since we have volcanoes, highlands, and the dried river with sometimes inaccessible height differences, we need a way to get cargo from A to B. This is going to be accomplished by the new cargo gondola system where you place a 2 stations which then ship good over uneven terrain. We have finished part of the building logic. The remaining tasks for the gondolas are spawning the poles and wires between the stations (pics next week) and hooking it up to the traffic system.

Finally, there are some nice little art updates. Lasse has been using this time to create a burning effect for the plants that are destroyed by the laser, replacing explosions. And further he’s created some more habitat variations to improve the look of the city. Pics below:


Happy playing and thanks for your patience for the update! I’m keeping up the news posts to keep you informed on the progress :slight_smile:


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