Friday Dev News #96

Hello everyone,

I hope you had some happy holidays around halloween. This week it’s going to be another quick update because most team members had 2 holidays and also one of our programmers got sick unfortunately.

What we did manage to do in the remaining time:

  • Andreas did a bunch of playtesting with the new terrain and found some bugs that are now on our list
  • After Ben has finished making the new maps playable, he’s now working on making save/load work
  • We redesigned the save implementation for rocks and environment object to integrate the new terrain generation with the new laser feature
  • We have gone over the laser code and found some improvements we’d like to do before we release it in the update. Shouldn’t take long.
  • While the programmers are working on the update itself, our artist Lasse has taken to improving the game look in general. He has started with more building variations for the habitats, so residential districts don’t look as repetitive. Work in progress screenshot below

I’m hoping we can do more substantial progress for the update in the next week without holidays, but stuff like the save/load system just takes time even and there are no cool screenshots to show, that’s just how it is :slight_smile:

Happy playing!


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