Friday Dev News #94 - Environment Update Progress

Hello everyone,

the environment update is taking quite some time, so I thought I’d provide you with a detailed roadmap of where we are at:

Also, it’s quite a big update already, so I was thinking we could push the actual terraforming into the next update and focus this update on the new terrain with the 4x bigger map and new biomes first. (Also mod support, cargo gondolas, laser). Let us know what you think about that!

Terrain Gen Progress Pics

The river is now generated with proper walls.

The crater generation is done, only the grass is missing in this screenshot.

The desert already has some grass here and there next to its rocks and resources.

Laser Implementation done

Previously I only showed you the art concepts for the big laser from space, now the implementation is done and you can see it working in action!


That’s it for this week. I’ll update the todo-list progress next Friday and thanks for the patience!
Happy playing!


Lovin the info as always - and just my 2 bits, if you think separating it will work better its all good :slight_smile: I’ll play it twice (if not more lol)

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