Friday Dev News #93

Hello everyone,

this weekly update is going to be quick, since we’re almost completely focused on finishing the core features for the next update and are not creating art concepts for new stuff. The details:

  • Our artists Andreas and Lasse are working with the new procedural generation tools to make the generated world look like their art concept
  • Our programmer Ben figured out the issue with terrain painting and has also finished the grass system for pre-made terrain building blocks (there is some other grass in the crater and highland biomes that is generated instead of artist-placed, but that’s easier)
  • Our programmer Sepehr has taken over the laser task. Marking rocks and destroying them already works, but need to hook up the visuals.

While the core team is finishing the main update features, our concept artist Adriana has time to work on additional materials to be used in the game and in marketing. Without giving away too much information check out this piece:

I realize you’re all waiting for the big update to drop and wanted to thank you for the patience. Happy playing!

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