Friday Dev News #92 - Giant Laser from Space

Hello everyone,

let’s start with the cool pictures this week: Check out the new laser that’s coming from your spaceship to help you clear map space!



You will be able to unlock the laser cannon by repairing it on the spaceship Antares:

Now that the Founders’ Fortune update is completely out and most bugs are fixed, our programmer Sepehr is taking over and is making all of the art actually work.

World Generation Progress

There are 2 main news on world generation:

We were not satisfied with the terrain painting method, so Andreas and Ben are working together to improve it. It’s a small hiccup, but I think it’s good to spend some time now because getting the terrain colors right first is important because it influences the look of all the other assets later down the line.
Terrain painting in the procedural version works slightly different than in the art concept, that’s why we have a programmer working on it.

The second news is that we have done quite some work on grass engineering. Sounds simple but we need to make sure performance is fine outside of an art concept and we need to make it part of the procedural generation. With other assets, we simply put them into a prefab and use the prefab building blocks to construct a full world out of it, but foliage works a little different, because it’s part of the terrain system.

Finally our concept artist Adriana is working on some special extras, but those are not part of the terraforming update and will stay secret for now :slight_smile:

Happy playing!

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Building underground

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