Friday Dev News #91 - Magnetic Field Generator

Hello everyone,

tomorrow we’re releasing the big bonus update for our old game Founders’ Fortune. After that, the dev team will shift their focus back to InfraSpace completely - this includes one extra programmer.

In the meantime, we can show you the 3D model for the magnetic field generator (textures + animation to be done):

The magnetic field generator is the final ingredient for terraforming: It’s a monument structure you have to build once in order to get a magentic field to shield you from the radiation from the nearby star.

Targeting Station

Last week we showed you the targeting station to adjust the giant laser from your space ship to destroy rocks in your way. The model and textures are done and Lasse is currently working on the laser itself.

Terrain Generation

The river is slowly filling up with assets and our programmer Ben has started working with our artist Andreas to get the rest of the concept scene art into the procedurally generated terrain. More pics probably next week!

Happy playing!


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