Friday Dev News #9

Hello everyone! I hope you’re great!

New Logo

We finally have a proper logo! The old one wasn’t bad, but the new one is better!


Terrain Adaption

When building on a mountain, playtesters often struggeled with the road system clipping into the terrain all the time, like this:

Well, we spent some time on the problem and now you can basically build anything you want and the roads will be fit nicely into the sorrounding terrain:

New colleague working on Sounds & Music

Andreas is taking care of the art for InfraSpace and I’m doing the programming. There are hundreds of other tasks when making games and usually as an indie developer, you just wing it and try to do everything yourself - even if they’re not in your wheelhouse.

However, sounds and music contribute a huge amount to the atmosphere of the game and I felt like we really could benefit from a professional helping us out. That’s why we started working with David from Gravity Sound! We just started our collaboration, but we’re hoping to get the first drafts in the game next week :slight_smile:

Office Heat

This seems like a joke in the middle of winter on the northern hemisphere, but this week our south-facing office reached 28°C (82°F)! And if we’re losing concentration over this in February, how bad is it going to get in July?!

I decided that things had to change sooner or later or we’re going to have a bad time. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to attach external since we’re located in the 3rd floor and are just renting the office.

That’s why this week we tried attaching a reflecting foil to the outside of one of our windows:

It’s supposed to reflect 80% of the incoming light, so I have some hope that we might have a relatively easy solution here.

From the inside it doesn’t look too bad and there is still enough light coming through so we’re not sitting in the dark :smiley:

Public Alpha coming within the next 2 weeks!

The more we develop, the clearer it becomes that it’s time to let more players check out the game. We need to finish up some things before release, but we’re hoping to get it to you next Friday or the Friday after that!

Good job on the logo - it really reflects your style :sunglasses:

I’ll bet there are many whom are chomping at the bit to get into your new game…
Just hope some understand its a development phase and requires patience :smiley:

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