Friday Dev News #88 - Sensor Tower + Announcement

Hello everyone!

Sensor Tower

Now that we’re increasing the map size, it’s not going to all be accessible right from the start. Instead, you’ll have to spend some time exploring the next tiles in order to unlock them - and that’s what the new sensor tower is for!

Terrain Generation Progress

Now that the biome distribution and terrain shape is done, we’re finally filling up the environment with procedurally generated details, check out the progress pics:

This is the art concept we’re using to build the generated terrain, for reference:

There are still some things missing like grass, small rocks, adjusting the terrain and light colors, the river biome, terraforming, etc. etc., but we’re getting closer :slight_smile:

FF Announcement

Our company’s first game is a colony simulator called Founders’ Fortune. It’s been finished for a while, but the community has been yearning for new content as well as polishing some small things here and there, so we’re releasing a big update Friday, Sept 30th, 1pm CET.

This is the InfraSpace dev news section, so the important things for InfraSpace players are:

  • We have spent some of our dev time taking care of our FF community, but InfraSpace is and stays the main focus of course
  • Once the update is released, one more programmer will be free to work on InfraSpace
  • If you’re interested in Founders’ Fortune yourself, check out the official post on Discord.

As always, happy playing!

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