Friday Dev News #85

Hello everyone,

this week we’ve got an art update and a tech update for you.

First up is the finished ammonia extractor:

It’s a large futuristic building that cleans up the atmosphere and contributes to making the planet livable.

Second, we’d like to update you on the terrain generation process:
Most of the time in the last weeks was spent on optimizing the highland shape generation process. The reason this was necessary is that we are aiming to quadruple the map size and we don’t want terrain generation to take forever.

So now, we have basic shapes for the dried river, the highlands next to it, and also the volcano. We still need to add the crater and then we will fill out these biomes with the assets from the art concepts. We hope we can share some progress pics that don’t look completely like programmer art next week :wink:

Finally, it’s the end of August and our team members are beginning to take vacation. Expect progress to slow down a bit for the next couple of weeks after which we’ll speed up again to finish and release the update planned for September.

Happy playing!


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