Friday Dev News #80 - Terraforming

Hello everyone!

Today we’re announcing the major feature of the next update besides the new terrain and mod support: Terraforming!

You’ll be able to turn the planet’s surface into a livable biosphere by changing the plant’s environment step by step.

One of these steps is reducing the acidity in the soil. We went through a couple of ideas for this building…

… and in the end focused on a futuristic looking building that combines some of the concepts from before. It processes the and filters soil in a close range next to the building:

We also need to fertilize larger areas and this is where the drone port comes in to spread fertilizer and tend to some of the more inaccessible areas of the map:

Once you’ve made the planet liveable, there is going to be a variety of different new plants scattered on the surface (don’t worry, they will not impede building building placement):

We are still working terraformed map itself as well as more buildings for the terraforming production chain, so stay tuned :slight_smile:

In other news, it’s not enough to just make 3D concepts of the terrain, so we have started work on procedural generation. The dried river is one of the most defining features of the map because of it’s size, so that’s what we started with:


Our procedural generator allows a variety of different shapes to make the random maps look more natural. It’s work in progress, so only representative of the current state we have now not the final look.

And finally I want to thank everyone for the comments and suggestions you leave on these posts and on the forum. We also have bugfixes and performance on our mind of course as well as new features.

As always,
Happy playing!


Pretty Intense! Looking Forward To See It :slight_smile:

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