Friday Dev News #79 - Mod Support!

Hello everyone!

Today I’m stoked to announce a feature for the next major update that has been requested a lot in the community: Mod Support!

You will be able to:

  • change all kinds of gameplay settings by editing json config files
  • change the consumption and production rates and resources of buildings
  • edit all texts and add your own custom translations for fun
  • add new models and textures to the game. Specifically, this lets you create new buildings and entire new production chains
  • add new resources to the game
  • change the speeds and settings for roads and rails
  • decompile InfraSpace and look through the code yourself
  • write script mods by implementing Mod classes that we pre-made for you
  • use the well known Harmony library to hook into our functions and change the game in deeper ways

Modding is available in different tiers of difficulty and possibilities:

  1. Editing configuration files is so simple that anyone can do it. This includes changing building settings, production rates, etc.
  2. Adding new models and textures to the game requires you to install Unity and Blender. You need to import your models into the InfraSpace ModKit project and export them to be used by the game.
  3. Script mods require you to have some programming knowledge. Depending on the complexity of the mod, your goal can be reached in a few lines or it requires you digging deeper into the InfraSpace code.

In order to make things easier for you, we will provide 3 things:

  1. A tutorial series that covers all the different kinds of mods.
  2. An InfraSpace ModKit Unity project that contains all the resources you need to get started
  3. Three small example mods that are available on the workshop and can be downloaded to check them out and see how they work.

The Cryo Chambers example mod adds another spaceship module and shows you how to edit configuration files and change simple values.

The salt mine example mod shows you how to create new buildings, add some animations, add them to the game and configure their new production chains.

With the new world and the mod support, the next update is going to be packed with big new features - and we haven’t even announced the biggest news yet :wink:

While we’re working on it, I wish you as always, happy playing!


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