Friday Dev News #78 - Volcano, Highland, and Desert Biomes

Hello everyone,

another week, another patch of biomes. The terrain overhaul in the next major update is going to bring 5 major biomes: you saw the dried river and the petrified crater in last weeks post, this week we’re showing you our concepts for the volcano, the highlands, and the desert biomes.

The inactive volcano used to shape the landscape in the area. Now, its unusual soil composition nourishes some strange alien fungi. Also, the inactive caldera is a good source of valuable iridium.

The highlands are some of the most alive areas of this planet. The soil is still full of nutrients because of the proximity to the previously not-dry river and the plants here get enough sunlight compared to the ones in the dried river itself.

Most of the area in the map is taken up by the desert biome. Much of it is empty to give you enough space to build your city, but there are some rock structures strewn throughout containing the most basic mineral resources, copper and iron.

That’s it for this week’s Friday Dev News - we hope you enjoy the look of the new map and are looking forward to playing on it when it’s released. We still need to create the procedural generation for the terrain, but on the other hand, we have not yet announced all the features we have been working on for the next update. Stay tuned…

… and happy playing!

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the biomes R lookin good :ok_hand:

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when will mods come out?

From the fact that the inactive volcano nurtures some alien fungi, will this fungi also bring diseases to the city and possibly even introduce hospitals and clinics?

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