Friday Dev News #75 - Pipes Fixes

Hello everyone!

Last week we saw the release of the pipes update and in the last 7 days you’ve already seen 3 small bugfix updates. Today, you’re getting another one:

  • Added messages for completed spaceship parts to let you know which bonus you unlocked or which technology got boosted
  • Improved pipes building so they more easily merge with neighboring pipes
  • Improved pipes building so that unconnected pipes in the same location collide and let you know something’s wrong
  • Improved pipes handling so you can’t click on roads and buildings in pipe mode and can’t click on pipes in any other mode
  • Fixed an issue where bonus immigrants from completing part of your spaceship would vanish instantly
  • Fixed an issue where methane pipes wouldn’t connect to the Adamantine Drill
  • Fixed a bug where a save was stuck in pipe edit mode
  • Fixed a bug where you could keep building some spaceship parts infinitely
  • Fixed a bug where spaceship efficiency bonuses wouldn’t be applied

What’s next for InfraSpace?

Even before the latest update release, some of us have already been working on and preparing for the next update after pipes. You’ll find out the details next week - one hint: it’s going to involve the planet.

Until then, happy playing!



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