Friday Dev News #73 - Pipes Update coming next week

Hello everyone,

we aimed to finish the Pipes and Spaceship Update in May, but it looks like we’d be cutting it too close and are going to push it back to next Friday, June 3rd.

The reason is that we probably could have rushed to finish it this week barely, but then there’d be a big risk we’d be releasing a buggy mess. So, I think taking one more week to finish it properly is worth it in this case. I hope you can bear the wait!

Additional Info

Since I got some questions about the update, I wanted to give you some gameplay relevant info:

First, there will be 3 resources you can transport by pipe:

  • Oxygen
  • Water
  • Methane

Second, pipe transport is not free. It might seem like an easy solution to build out a pipe system and skip all of the traffic, but the more buildings are connected to a pipe system, the more costly it’s operation. Each connected factory needs to keep up pressure in the system and pays for that effort with a 33% efficiency cost.

You can decide whether it’s worth it to eliminate the extra traffic or go for faster production instead. The benefits of this tradeoff might change depending on the size and layout of your city and if you already have problems with traffic or not.

Methane buildings finished

And finally, I always like closing out an update with a couple of screenshots, so here you can see the new methane power plant for electricity generation as well as the methane fermentation plant that gets methane from organic waste:

Happy playing and until next week!


In this day and age when games can be delayed by months or even years, a week (or a month for that matter) does not even move the needle.

The quality of your work and your response to issues is exemplary. As a user, that is what matters to me the most.

Keep up the great work and regards to the new team.

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you need more time than that, if you ask me. o2, i get, methan, whats it used for? water, hmm why and then if u do that, sewage system, drain off, water recycle plant, etc etc. Maybe i missed some dev notes on this, but seems like its half only done. Like Adam drill resource that has no use.

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