Friday Dev News #70 - Methane

Hello everyone,

we have finished a batch of buildings for dealing with water: These buildings help you filter water from the atmosphere or get it from the ground. Also, you can store any kind of liquid or gas in a tank in order to build up some reserves.

The new pumping station is next on our list - it will help connect nearby buildings to the pipe system more easily:


And finally, we’re introducing a new resource! You will be able to get methane from processing organic waste or drill for the resource in the planet’s crust as shown here:

Because methane occurs as a gas usually, you will be able to use the pipe network for methane transportation or keep using the trucks and trains you’re used to already.

Happy playing!


All the expected updates are really exciting. I’m looking forward to having an end game.

I do have one concern though. I’ve actually stopped playing because I’ve gotten bored.

There is a good reason for this though.

I am an optimizer. A spreadsheet warrior, who has now crafted some districts of which I am really proud. I have created a city which was designed to scale massively. I started with just five habitats, all of which I got to stable at level six. I then scaled up from there and very quickly reached 250 habitats, all level six. 4250 inhabitants, 1800 jobs.

For me the next challenge is going to be scaling up to 25 000 habitats, but that is just so much clicking, placing each and every building.

I want to be able to copy and paste whole districts, or create templates of districts, and lay whole districts at a time.

So back to my concern. So much emphasis is being placed on new features, that the quality of life things and bugs are being neglected. Where are the round trip trip traffic and sandbox options? Where are the templates? Why do my roads sometimes spawn black holes which cars disappear into, never to reach their destination?

I can’t wait to get back into this game, but for now I have to put it on hold because I (selfishly) can’t play the way I want to for now.

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