Friday Dev News #68 - Loading Time Improvement

Hello everyone!

Minor bonus update released today: Save loading time improvemed by 41%!
On the Discord server I saw talk about long load times, so I took some time today and optimized it.

Specifically, the terrain adaption algorithm which changes the terrain shape based on the buildings and roads around it, was a very inefficient bottleneck. In my test case, a city with xxx inhabitants, terrain adaption took 76 seconds! After optimization it’s down to 0.4 seconds. The more CPU cores your computer has, the better the improvement.

In other news, we finished the spaceship construction facility. Yes, this delivers spaceship modules to your Antares ship in orbit and yes, as you guessed in last time’s comments, the wings of the transport ship can fold so it fits into the underground facility :slight_smile:

Happy playing!


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