Friday Dev News #67 - Spaceship Construction Facility

Hello everyone,

it’s time to take another look on our progress on the next update, specifically: Buildings!

Spaceship Construction Facility

In the last Friday Dev News post, we introduced Antares, your large mothership. After a failed warp jump, your ship got damaged and now you’re stranded in unexplored space with a damaged ship.

In order to repair your mothership Antares, you’ll need to gather specialized resources and construct large repair modules to send up to your ship. You can accomplish this in the new ship construction facility.

Most of the actual construction happens underground, but when a big module is ready, the rocket bay opens and the ship module is sent up into orbit with the help of a smaller transport spaceplane:

New Mini Train Station

Our usual train stations take up a lot of space, so we created a new miniature version to fit into more narrow spaces:

New Colleagues

All the hiring effort is paying off and two new colleagues are going to join us within the next month:
Ben is an experienced software engineer helping full time with the programming of InfraSpace and Adriana is a talented 2D artist who will be helping part time with defining the style of the game through concept art.

That’s it for this week, so as always,
happy playing!


I am so looking forward to the mini train station :star_struck:

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