Friday Dev News #63 - Bugfix Update

Hello everyone,

a couple of bug reports have been piling up, so I thought it’s time for a small bugfix update:

  • New: Train line list is now scrollable! No restrictions on number of train lines.
  • New: Moved train stations automatically connect to neighboring roads, if they align very well. This feature is mostly meant for when you accidentally move the station or want to replace it with a different size station.
  • Fixed priority panel UI text cut off
  • Fixed “research completed” message positioning at high UI scale settings
  • Fixed issue where road replacement costs were not properly calculated and applied
  • Fixed pink traffic sign textures on the road after loading an existing save with signs
  • Fixed a rare rail building issue where the system would accidentally spawn a zero-length rail sometimes

A big reason for this bugfix update were game freezing reports, like these.
Unfortunately, I haven’t quite figured out the cause yet. So instead, I extended our automatic error reporting tool to report this type of bug as well. Throughout the next days, the tool should give us more information to track down the issue. Rest assured that it’s high priority for us!

One final thing…

Since you guys always want to hear about the new things we’re working on - we’ll be adding a small backstory to InfraSpace: Why are you on this planet and why should you build a city?

No spoilers yet, but this concept art can give you an idea of what you might see in the game at some point:

Happy playing!


Nice, I like story elements. I assume that whatever kind of endgame challenge we are going to get, has something to do with the reason we’re on this planet, right?