Friday Dev News #58 - Deliveries

Hello everyone!

In today’s Friday Dev News I’m bringing you another bunch of features for the traffic light update on Feb 25th.

Straight Buildings

It’s been a fun experiment and some players liked our slanted buildings, but on the other hand they could look a little extreme on mountain ranges. Also, habitats sometimes collided with each other after upgrading to taller buildings if they were slanted just slightly towards each other.

That’s why after this update buildings will be standing upright. The terrain will adapt to the shape of the building.



Outgoing Storage Visualization

A question we hear repeatedly from confused players is “my outgoing storage is full - why is it not delivering?”

In order to help out with delivery issues, we introduced this small button:

Click it and you’ll get a visualization that shows you possible delivery targets:

Green buildings consume the resource in question and are ready for delivery.
Yellow buildings consume the resource in question, but are already full.
Red buildings are not connected to the selected factory by road or rail.


Finally, I’m happy to report our side project colonists have made it into the game:

For now, they just inhabit your buildings. Who knows what else they will do in the future :wink:

Experiment: Optional Grids?

And as a last nugget of info - check out this experiment:

It’s still an experiment and we’re not sure how it will be implemented or if at all… But, would you like a grid? Let us know!

Happy playing,


Looking forward to this update. Straight buildings will help game appearance but the storage views shoild be quite helpful.

As for grids they would likely be helpful however I woild hope there is an off/on toggle just for overall appearances.

Great game, I’ll probably start a new game with thd upcoming release.

grid, yes!

both local and global, local mostly

Awesome game! Stoked for the update. Grid would definitely help, but the other features being voted on are exciting too.