Friday Dev News #57 - UI Scaling & Settlers

Hello everyone!

It has probably been our most requested feature so far if you don’t count items on the roadmap: UI Scaling!

Well, I’m happy to report that not only are we working on it, but we also plan to ship it with the next major update on Feb 25th. Have a look at the screenshots!

Default UI Scale:

Large UI Scale:

We’re also thinking about whether it makes sense to slightly increase the font size for all small texts, since it seems like bad readability of those is where most of the complaints come from.


Finally, since UI screenshots can’t really be used for news post cover art, I’m glad I can also share some progress on our secret character-related side project with you. Character model, space suit are finished, textured, and set up to be ready for animation:

Happy playing!


Will the settler have an impact on the InfraSpace game play?