Friday Dev News #56 - Traffic Light Settings + Update Release Date

Hello everyone,

if you want to use traffic lights, you can just turn them on and they’ll be set up pretty decently for most situations. But if you have specific needs, you’ll be able to edit the details:

You can add and delete traffic light phases at will and adjust their timing. The progress bar on the left shows the current phase and can be used to switch through phases quickly during editing.

The checkbox on the top makes it a little more efficient: High traffic intersections in real life use weight sensors in the street or cameras to detect if cars are waiting on a specific lane and adjust the light cycles dynamically. Similarly, with this checkbox enabled, the intersection detects if traffic is through on one side and skips the rest of the light phase.

For each phase, you can select which lanes are supposed to go. If you want, you can select conflicting lines on the same phase, but then cars may have to wait on each other to go!

Major Update Release Date

We want to fill the next major update with more stuff, but also let you know about when you can expect to play with it, so here you go: The traffic control update is scheduled for February 25th.

Traffic control is the main topic, but that’s just traffic lights + traffic signs. We’ll spend the next weeks until the release on quality of life stuff in our list (thinking about UI scaling + more grid building tools, as requested by you).

Today’s Minor Update

This week I didn’t get to all new saves that have been sent to me to check out, but today’s update features:

  • A fix that prevented players from deleting adamantine mines

  • A fix where trains would lose cargo on their way (reason was: habitats were upgrading and goods on delivery didn’t reroute to new upgraded habitat properly)

Happy playing!